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دسامبر 1, 2016
Qom Technqiue

Qom Technique

Kharmohre, The Blue Pearl of Ancient Iran The 6000 years old legacy of ancient Iran, the art of production of Kharmohre, has been kept alive by […]
دسامبر 3, 2016

A Dream Came True

In 1951, Seyed Mohammad Saadatmand founded Ceramic Handicraft Center following his dream of globalization of Iranian ceramic handicrafts. Being determined to attract international tourists, he chose the location of […]
دسامبر 3, 2016

A Black Day

It was one of the cold days of Nov, 1979 when Seyed Mohammad Saadatmand found a crowd of people moving out everything from the shopping area to […]
دسامبر 4, 2016

The Bright Days

After 1979 incident, Seyed Mohammad and his sons worked in the workshop of the Ceramic Handicraft Center for about 10 years without having any storefront. The […]