Kharmohre, The 6000 years old legacy of ancient Iran
The art of production of Kharmohre, has been kept alive by Saadatmand family


    In ancient cultures Kharmohre objects are considered magical, filled with the powers of rebirth and the undying shimmer of the sun.

    Each kharmohre bead is unique in color depth and glaze pattern. The uniqueness of kharmohre beads is comparable with the uniqueness of gemstones.

    Kharmohre is produced by applying an ancient technique dating back to 6000 years ago. The Iranian blue beads are well known in middle eastern cultures bringing luck and prosperity.

    The Iranian blue jewelry has been worn by many celebrities in different movies and music videos. Ebru Şahin, Turkish actress and model, worn the two holes Kharmohre necklace in her last movie series, Hercai.