Who we are

Ceramics has been our family business for generations. In the last few years we have added some other handicrafts to our stores but we still consider ourselves ceramic lovers. What excites us the most is experimenting with ceramics and making one-of-a-kind products. We also love people and students who have the same attitude toward the industry. Thus, in the last 65 years many interns, artists, designers, ceramists and entrepreneurs have come to the center and made their ideas happen. If you are one of those ceramic lovers who likes to work with us, let us know.

We’ve had the honor of operating the only place in the world, where Kharmohre (Persian Blue Beads) is still being produced by applying Qom-Technique method. We try to teach more and more people about Kharmohre and Qom-Technique  through our Qom-Technique workshops to keep the technique alive. Visitors are always welcomed to walk in the center and see the production process.

We are engaged in a wide range of activities including the followings:

  • Production of ceramics and Kharmohre Jewelry.
  • Holding Qom-Technique events for visitors and tourists.
  • Providing space in the shop and workshop for ceramists/artists to produce and showcase their work.
  • Providing space and facilities to artists and ceramists to hold their workshops.
  • Supplying craft shops.
  • Attending national and international events.