The Bright Days

A Black Day
دسامبر 3, 2016
Continuing the Legacy
دسامبر 9, 2016

The Bright Days

After 1979 incident, Seyed Mohammad and his sons worked in the workshop of the Ceramic Handicraft Center for about 10 years without having any storefront. The lack of direct connection with customers caused the business to face financial challenges. Meanwhile, Seyed Mohammad’s third son, Seyed Abolghassem, started attending national and international exhibitions. Attending exhibitions such as home deco, jewelry, flowers, gifts and etc brought a new life to the center and made up the lack of storefront. Seyed Abolghasem familiarized himself with the market needs and designed new products to answer the needs. Attending exhibitions, he made grass root connections with suppliers, business owners and art lovers in different regions. Now the center had the opportunity to showcase its products at storefronts all over the country.

Seyed Abolghasem revitalized the center by selling the products nationally and internationally. The uprising energy, enthusiasm and optimism between staff encouraged Seyed Mohammad and Seyed Abolghasem to dream one more time about the future of the center. In 1989, the Ceramic Handicraft Center celebrated the opening of a new storefront right beside the old workshop. From 1989 to 1999 Seyed Mohammad spent his time in the shopping area interacting with tourists and Seyed Abolghasem managed the workshop and answered the customers’ needs.

Continuing The Legacy

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