Qom Technique

A Dream Came True
دسامبر 3, 2016

Qom Technique

Qom Technqiue

Kharmohre, The Blue Pearl of Ancient Iran

The 6000 years old legacy of ancient Iran, the art of production of Kharmohre, has been kept alive by Saadatmand family and the City of Qom. Kharmohre with its astonishing blue color has blended with with middle eastern culture and people has used it as jewelry and evil eye, generation by generation. In 1963, Hans Wulff, a german Iranologist, found the city of Qom as the only heir of the art of production of Kharmohre on earth. Since then the production technique of Kharmohre is called “Qom Technique”. In 1997 Kharmohre was recognized as a research project at University of Kassel, Germany. Thereafter, at world EXPO 2000 in Germany, the EXPO jury selected the project in the section of Human Culture and Knowledge Continuity and it was registered under the number 502. Qom Technique (kharmohre sazi) is now registered as one of the intangible heritage of Iran.

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